Welcom to Imminent Studios
Imminent Studios is an entertainment company based out of New Orleans, Louisiana. Our vision is to create and produce unique properties in film, television, electronic, and print media for a global audience to experience.

We’re developing projects across a diversity of genres, but all share the common thread of delving into the imminent threats facing Man’s past, present, and future. We hope you’re ready.
Why Choose Imminent?
Our professional approach to the creative impulse gives us unique insight into the art of entertainment. We're able to discuss business with potential clients while we immerse them into a story that must be told. Through our access to a wide array of production talent, Imminent Studios is capable of making quality stories come to life for a fraction of the cost, creating a real investment for all those involved in the process. And with the entertainment industry emerging in New Orleans, the numerous Louisiana tax incentives, and
the global market for film and television, Imminent is on
the cutting edge of a great opportunity. In today’s economy many are looking for options other than real estate and stock markets to invest their money in, and entertainment properties provide a tangible and long lasting asset. And who doesn't want to make movies? We realize the benefits of providing real returns for our investors, knowing they are the foundation for our future.